Innovative thermocouples and its uses

No. Type Picture Explanation
1 Inserted into 0.8mm tube Insulated Multi Purpose bare wire thermocouple; Tip width is under 0.8mm. Can be inserted into a 0.8mm tube.
2 Inserted into a acrylic tube Insert into an acrylic pipe and tight sealed with silicon rubber. Used to measure the inner temperature of the tree by drilling a hole into the tree.
3 Capton tape reinforcement Fine thermocouple with capton tape reinforcement option
4 Outer coat torn off Tear off the outer coat near the tip and attach the two wires with polyimide. This is useful when putting it into a narrow or thin space.
5 Straight line sheet thermocouple The joint tip is shaped like a straight line. Use is unknown
6 Black body A black body thermocouple. Other than heat conductivity and the radiation of heat, the response will improve.
7 Elongated tip of Multi-purpose thermocouple Elongated tip of a Multi-purpose thermocouple. It is better to insulate the thermocouple so that the parts other than the joint tip do not touch.
8 Bent tip with enamel The tip of the sheet thermocouple bent and coated with enamel. Enamel can endure high temperature (around 500) and chemicals.
9 Long, bare sheet thermocouple with only 10mm sheet part This type of thermocouple has a part processed into a sheet. It is better to insulate the wire so that the parts other than the joint tip do not touch. This effective special process enables the thermocouple to be placed in a small area.
10 Insulated long sheet thermocouple covered with capton tape This insulated long sheet thermocouple is covered with capton tape. It will help prevent electrical contact and strengthen it.
11 Middle bare wire thermocouple When using it in a vacuum chamber, insulation is torn off from the middle to eliminate thickness when inserting it into a pipe.
12 Etching type fine thermocouple This is a combined thermocouple where there is no welded tip (50m diameter) between the original insulated wire. It only uses original insulated wire (usually 200 m). The tip wire is approximately 50m and gradually gets thinner from the original wire. It is stronger than the common fine thermocouple
13 25 m dia. Fine thermocouple to measure an engine - #1 This fine thermocouple is sealed within the metal pipe. This is used to measure high-speed gas within a suction pipe that penetrates through the aluminum part of the engine.
14 Fine thermocouple to measure an engine - #2 Compared to the above, the fine Thermocouple is slightly protruding (approximately 0.5mm) so that it can measure the response of the gas temperature.
15 Teflon insulated twist wire thermocouple Effective in preventing noise.

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