ANBE SMT Co. Information

Address:149-18, NISHI-HASSAKUCHO, MIDORI-KU, YOKOHAMA, 226-0024, Japan
President:Yoshinobu Anbe
Fax: +81-(0)45-937-6024
Contact from Euro:

  • Fine&highest response thermocouple
  • X ray reflow simulator for soldering

Career of the presidet
Sep. 1947Born in Oita city
Mar. 1971Graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry
Apr. 1971 Entered Oki Electric Co., Ltd., Development Department:
engaged in manufacturing engineering of PCB(CC-4, Alkali etching, etc.)
Jul. 1985 Chief researcher, Tamura Seisakusho Co., Ltd., central research laboratory
developed highly thermo-conductive hybrid ICs,analyzed and created solutions for various defective solder joint problems such as the Manhattan effect
Oct. 1993Established Anbesmt Co.

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